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Can I ask for my preferred job location after my training at NTT Data?
Yes, you can ask this to HR or your manager. Don’t hesitate. Said that, based on openings in current projects or project in pipeline they have to agree to disagree on your request. Even if they disagree, you can again ask them in future. People in NTT are quite open minded.
How do I resume to my weight training program after missing out 4 weeks of gym?
You are thinking too much. Just jump back right into your workout, sure you will be sore for a week but after that you will be fine again.The only thing you should keep in mind is that since you have not worked out for a month, you might have lost some strength. So just be a little careful with the weight that you will lift. You might not be able to lift as much weight as you used to 4 weeks back. Maybe you can decrease the weights by 5–10% for your first set to see how you feel and then increase the weight accordingly.In most cases, if you have been eating fine, then 1 month is not that long that you should lose strength, but it doesn’t hurt to play it safe.I hope this was helpful. To learn more on fitness visit our blog or subscribe to our youtube channel
How do I efficiently earn more on Quora Partner Program without having to fill out all the requests for every single question? I have around 100 questions.
A2AThanks for the question Aniket.Quora does not make the A2A process an easy one for QPs who want to use them ALL. Just to let you know, there IS a limited number of questions you can A2A per 24 hour period. I think it is around 75. Nevertheless, it takes about 2 hours just to use up all of those A2As if you were so inclined.I believe Quora would rather you focused on creating 10 questions a day than using up your A2As.Since the change in how Quora uses your questions recently, I believe this is a better use of your time, too. I’ve been in the program since September. I have not missed one day in using A2As like you are talking about. Before Quora changed policy on how they value questions, I had begun to see a surge in my daily payout. The change shut that right down. Now, the only way to earn is to self promote from outside (which you’d have to spend lots of money on) or ask a lot of search engine friendly questions, and I mean, A LOT.If you don’t want to click, click, click through A2As, I suggest you focus on the daily goal of 10 questions a day and let Quora do the promoting of the questions.
Which is the best way for an out-of-touch programmer to relearn programming, online courses, books, or enrolling in boot camps?
I was kind of stuck in the same, as I had to work on business rather than program (which I love) for 5 years+.While all listed options are viable, first we have to consider how much help you really need.Were you experienced in technology that is still “current” or you need to learn different technology? For new technologies courses and bootcamps might be viable solutions.How much are you out of touch from the current best practices? If not much, you can learn from examples. If a lot - courses will help more.And that leaves topic of books. They are good from CS standpoint. However the technologies change that fast that you many of them will be slightly outdated (in respect of the latest technology/versions/etc) compared to online docs. So if you need to upgrade to the latest technology only - courses and bootcamps might be better in my opinion. If you have to study some new topic - buy some good books on it.
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